XXL Herbal Wraps - Russian Cream

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Royal Blunts XXL Herbal Wraps offers you everything you want in a quality wrap from ease of use to a satisfying burn. Each individually sealed pack contains 2 wraps that are moist enough for artful wrapping but won’t leave your fingers coated in residue. These tobacco-free wraps are easy to bend and fold so you’ll have no trouble doing some of your best work. The result is an herbal wrap you can really savor with a slow, even burn. These wraps offer a classy touch of purple grape flavor that isn’t overpowering and leaves no chemical aftertaste.

Each display box has 25 packs, each pack has 2 XXL wraps. XXL wraps are perfect to cut to size if needed with a large surface you have a lot of options on the size blunt you want to roll.


The packing for this is standard quality.  The wraps come in a zip-loc pack that shows XXL name.  These herbal wraps come 2 in a pack, but the packaging claims you can roll “up to 4”, whatever that means.  The packaging advertises that this product is tobacco free.