The Impact 80 Lb Hand Hunting Crossbow Black & Red W/ Safety

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The Impact Power Series 80 lb. Crossbow is the most powerful pistol crossbow on the market. It can be used for small game hunting as well as target practice. It shoots plastic bolts up to 225 feet per second and aluminum bolts up to 175 feet per second. The crossbow features an easy cocking lever which allows many bolts to be fired in a short period of time. The automatic safety mechanism helps prevent dry fires while the adjustable sight allows for extreme accuracy. The Impact comes with three aluminum bolts and features a foregrip with a finger guard. The upper and lower Weaver rails allow you to fully accessorize and customize your crossbow. The Impact Crossbow sets the new bar for pistol crossbow performance.


  • The Impact
  • Red & Black Color
  • 80 Lb Draw Weight
  • 225 Fps With Plastic Bolt
  • 175 Fps With Aluminum Bolt
  • Includes Fore Grip
  • Fiberglass Limb
  • Easy Cocking Lever
  • Upper & Lower Weaver Rails
  • Auto Safety Mechanism
  • Upgraded Adjustable Sights
  • Length: 19"
  • Width: 17.5"
  • Power Stroke: 7"
  • Includes Bolts