Swift Portable 100mm Cigarette Machine

Swift Portable 100mm Cigarette Machine

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The Swift Cigarette Machine is durable, lightweight, and very easy to handle. It comes with a slip-resistant mat and steady grip design. This portable cigarette rolling machine is worth buying. You will not realise it until you buy and use it one time. This cigarette rolling machine features crank arm, hand grip, nozzle, tobacco chamber, tamper and tamper slot. This portable cigarette rolling machine is distributed by republic tobacco L.P. It is recommended that you must keep swift portable cigarette machine out of the reach of children. Product comes with owner's manual to help you get started in minutes.

This injector machine was specially designed for making only 100mm Cigarettes.

Lack of complicated size switches and light plastic design, make this machine affordable and easy to use.

Start Making your Own Cigarettes and Save Money!
By making your own, pack of cigarettes may cost about 5 to 10 times less!

Manufacturer's Description:
The Swift Portable Cigarette Machine is durable, lightweight and easy to handle with a slip-resistant mat and steady grip design. After just one use, you'll know this machine is a winner!

Make your own cigarette with only few easy steps!
1. Pull the crank arm all the way to the left and fill the tobacco chamber, evenly, starting with the corners.
2. Use the included tobacco tamper (from the tamper slot) to evenly pack the tobacco (do not pack too tight).
3. Slide an empty filtered kings size cigarette tube on the nozzle.
4. Carefully pull the crank arm to the right until it stops (do not force). Return crank arm to its starting position.

/!\ WARNING: If the machine jams, do NOT force and do NOT re engage, doing so WILL cause damage! If jammed: Immediately stop, thoroughly clean it, then start over.