Raw Masterpiece 1 1/4 Rolls & Tips

Raw Masterpiece 1 1/4 Rolls & Tips

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Raw  Rolls allows you to decide on the length of your favorite smoke. The paper is almost transparent and it is ultra thin. The paper has a radiant natural golden glow thanks to the paper being unbleached the natural browns assure you of its name "Raw". Running throughout the Raw Rolls you will see a diamond pattern and a logo, you tell us if you can make out the logo, because we can't. This aids your smoke to give you an even burn and helps to prevent runs.

Rolls give you the freedom to create any size smoke. Pre-rolled tips help make rolling up fast & easy. Got a bunch of friends over? Roll it nice and big! Smoking alone and in a hurry? Roll it short and sweet!

This magnet box is refillable and reusable. The unique magnetic flap holds down the paper to keep it ready for pulling and tearing on the metal edge. Try it with both the flap open and closed until you find the way that works best for you. Rolling styles are like you – individual and unique.

Add these Raw Rolls to your Raw experience.

24 packs per box, 50 leaves per pack, 16 tips per pack