Raw Classic 500's

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These Raw natural 500s are just like the 300s, in fact they're exactly like them but you get a whopping 200 more papers per pack! Raw rolling papers are always natural, and made from an unbleached (chlorine free) fiber blend that is cleaner tasting. RAW 500's come 20 packs per box and 500 leaves per pack, giving you 10,000 natural rolling papers in just one box! That means you can enjoy rolling and smoking longer without worrying about having to constantly restock.

  • Natural, unbleached, and unrefined
  • 1 1/4, 79mm Size
  • Patented criss-cross watermark burns smooth and prevents runs
  • Natural hemp gumline is designed to match burn rate of papers
  • 20 packs per box, 500 papers per pack