Premier Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine (Kings & 100s)

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Make your own cigarettes and Save Money

New and Improved Design!

Designed to perform better than ever before! 
The new and improved Supermatic design incorporates a precision cut H-link, allowing for a more precise fit between screws and rivers at all pivot points. 
The new and improved Supermatic cutter is made of Acetal plastic, which is highly wear-resistant climinating the aluminium-on-steel combination that is prone to premature wear. 
Another advantage to the Acetal plastic cutter is that the process utilized to produce the cutter is more precise, resuming in a more consistent fir between the cutter and cutting chamber.
Regarded as the finest tube injector in the world, the Premier Supermatic has a rugged, all-metal construction and a unique size selector switch for durable versatility that can’t be found with any other machine

The Premier way to make your own cigarettes.
1. Place lever to start position.
2. Slide tube on nozzle.
3. Fill chamber with tobacco, starting at each end and filling onto the center. Do not pack too tight.
4. Lift and move selector switch to desired cigarette size: Position A for 100mm; Position B for King Size; Position C for Regular Size. Slowly pull lever from start position (1) down towards tobacco chamber (4).
Makes 100mm, Regular/84mm and King Size Filtered Cigarettes: