Orange Chronic Cleaner - 12oz

Orange Chronic Cleaner - 12oz

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Orange Chronic is by far the best cleaner available. It is an Isopropyl citrus based cleaner with cleaning granules included. All that is required is to shake the bottle to agitate the crystals. These give an extra layer of texture to the liquid which helps to scrape all the caked parts off. The liquid helps to dissolve any stains, and it is advertised as the quickest cleaner on the market. Only an average of a shot glass per piece will suffice, depending of course, on how dirty the piece is.

Orange Chronic Super Hero Details:

-Immediate results

-No Scrubbing or waiting

-No After Taste or Smell -Easy to Use

-Earth Friendly

-Free Rinsing

-Brightens Glass

-Cleans Glass and Metals (Also Hookahs)

All you have to do is clean!