Linse Swivel Nozzle Lighters (50ct)

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The Linse lighter is the ultimate lighter. Finally, a lighter that solves the problem of having your thumbs being burnt in the situations where you have to hold your lighter upside down for lighting candles or smoking a pipe. Linse lighters offer a simplistic yet multi-faceted technology, allowing for a better and overall, much safer alternative to standard lighters. This was designed with a variety of users in mind. Uses include but are not limited to glass pipes, bowls, cigars, cigarettes, candles, fireworks, or anything else that requires a swivel lighter. What makes the Linse lighter such a revolutionary product is it's protracting nozzle at the top, which works by effectively directing the flame away from the users thumb. This nozzle can be adjusted in three distinct positions, swiveling from 0 to 45 degrees, and then to a full 90 degrees for optimal positioning during use. This is a brand new patent pending product on the market and you will be the talk of town to be the first store on the block to stock these lighters.
  • 50 units per box
  • Brand: Linse
  • Flexible swivel nozzle
*Limit one box per order