HoneyStick 510 Twist Vape Pen

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For those looking for a more colorful flair to the best vape pen battery for 510 thread prefilled cartridges or vape tanks, the latest edition to its super-performer 500mAh variable voltage slim twist vape pen battery. Dial into your voltage with the silky smooth twist knob at the bottom of the battery that allows you to adjust between 2.0 volts and 4.0 volts to pick the perfect temp to vape the best 510 thread vape carts on. Don't get worried about taking your charger everywhere as this slim vape pen has a 500mAh high capacity battery to make sure you have plenty of juice between charges and you lay down consistent power every time you take a puff. 
This stick battery feels like a high quality writing instrument in your hand or pocket with a solid body and precision quality and resistance on the button. The 510 thread twist vape pen battery also has a pre-heat function as you can get your carts primed and ready. Many higher capacity vape batteries for 510 thread carts have a skirt or collar connector, not this one it is slim so it connects flush with cartridges for the aero look.

HoneyStick 510 Twist Vape Pen Battery Specs:
- 510 thread variable voltage vape battery
- The voltage adjust between 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob
- High Capacity 500 MAH Battery
- Preheat function
- Quality look and feel
- 4 great finishes: Black, Silver, Red, and Blue