Hair Brush Stash

Hair Brush Stash

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A Hair Brush Stash Safe

Whether it is that irreplaceable piece of jewelry or a few $20 dollar bills, using a stash safe, can help keep things that mean the most to you safe and sound. These diversion safes are cleverly made out of everyday items, such as an everyday hairbrush!

This is a real hair brush you can actually use made into a stash safe for hiding whatever you may need to hide. You can keep this in your bedroom or the bathroom though we'd recommend keeping it under the sink so it isn't used by just anyone.

There's no burglar in the world that's going to steal a hairbrush and try to pawn it for money. Plus if you use it on your own hair, it will have strands stuck to it that will make it even less appealing. Who wants to use another person's personal hygiene things?

This is a pretty cool idea for a stash safe that doesn't have a whole lotta room but can be perfect for just the right thing.

Interior dimensions of safe is approximately 1" x 3 ¾" 

Brush style may vary slightly