Bukket Gravity Pipe

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Experience the BUKKET – a new revolutionary waterless, portable gravity pipe.  The Bukket method is hassle free and a good way to smoke as the smoke is well chilled. The special feature of the Bukket is that the effect and taste are more intense than other smoking methods.  The Bukket Pipe works like a classic gravity pipe, without the hassle and mess of using water or a bucket!  Dry, portable and dishwasher safe, the Bukket Pipe is the easiest way to get the large volume hits of a gravity lung in a colorful, handy little pipe.

To use the Bukket Pipe, light the contents of your bowl while pulling to expand the midsection so it fills up with smoke. Next, take the cone out of the mouthpiece (the hole in the top piece is a good place to put it!) and enjoy the shotgun effect of the rich, clean smoke that shoots straight into your lungs! Only 5 inches tall when collapsed, The Bukket Pipe expands to 22 inches, nearly two feel tall! That’s a lot of roomy volume for a BIG hit!

Available in various colors.