Boveda Wood 2 Pack Holder Side By Side

Boveda Wood 2 Pack Holder Side By Side

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Boveda official wood 2 pack holder:

From the name you might have known they are capable of holding 2 packs of boveda. This entire wood pack holder stands as a game changer for any types of cigar storages. This wood pack holder is perfect for small humidors. The holder includes a magnet and metal plate with 3M adhesive as well as an optional Velcro kit for easy attachment to the underside of the humidor lid. They will be able to hold two large packs which are of 60 grams within side by side configurations.

The price of this product is affordable when compared to the previous products and they weigh about 8.5 ounces.

  • 2pk side-by-side dimensions (LxWxD): 7" x 6" x 3/4"