Bee Wick Hempwick Dispenser/Sleeves

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Bee Wick Hempwick is made from 100% Organic hemp and Pharmaceutical-Grade beeswax for the cleanest hempwick on the market. This wick is great for many uses, including candle making, lighting hard to reach areas, as a decorative twine, as a lightweight rope, and much more! Bee Wick Hempwick is made fresh and is stored with extreme care, keeping it from getting dried out. They are inexpensive, durable and even good for the environment—something we know you appreciate.

These Bee Wick lighter sleeves are the easiest way to use hemp wick, guaranteed! All you have to do is grab a standard Bic lighter (not included), slide on the lighter sleeve, pull out your hempwick, and you're ready to enjoy a butane free experience. You can light the wick with one hand, and then use it without letting go of the lighter! If you don't think it's the most convenient and practical way to use hempwick ever! Each sleeve fits on snug and stays on tight, and will greatly extend the life of your lighter, saving you money while also giving you a more natural and holistic experience.

Made in The US