Beamer Candle Co. Smoke Killer Scented Jar candle

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Smoke Killer is a candle that contains natural odor killer ingredients to remove the smell of cigarette, cigar, pipe and tobacco smoke. Light up this candle while smoking or vaping, cover up the door and open the window. This Candle does not mask the smell of Smoke but Rather REMOVES IT! Light and keep on before, during and after smoking. All Beamer candles are made to last up to 90 hours with proper wick trimming! Beamer Candle Co. Candles are proudly made in the USA. Each Beamer Candle Co. candle is filled with ultra premium soy blended wax inside a glass mason style jar with a handle and metal lid that can later be used for storage. Each Beamer Candle is crafted with the finest ingredients for a premium fragrance. This helps rid nasty food odors, pet odors, smoke odors and many other odors! Beamer Candle Co. Candles are designed to have a lingering fragrance to brighten up your home or office. Great as gifts! Beamer Candle Co. Candles have lead free wicks.