9.5'' Rikang Tall Premium Pencil Soldering Torch in gift box

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Features :

Adjustable Flame & Butane Pressure Auto piezoelectric ignition Blasts intense jet flames over 4" long. Made from high grade metal alloy & aluminum Brand new in a wooden gift box ideal for soldering, wielding, dental, and more Easy & safe to use. Dimension: 9.5" tall

Description :

This listing is for a RIKANG brand heavy duty PREMIUM pencil torch for soldering and welding. RIKANG is a well known premium lighter manufacturer in Asia. The body is built from 100% metal. The body is made from air craft grade aluminum and the nozzle part is made from tough high temperature resistant metal alloy. The torch uses butane and reach temperature over 2000F. It will melt pennies and nickels in no time. Torch flame size is adjustable and it comes equipped with a flame lock. Please be careful of where you point the torch nozzle at. Jet flame at high pressure mode can shoot out over 4 inches from the nozzle. Besides that, it very easy and quite safe to use.