Top Hat Customs Scientific Tool

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The famous transfer tool with convenient storage area built into the back of the tool!  Comes with a cap so you can put in your pocket with no mess, no odor. 

The Science: Starting with stainless steel instead of titanium because stainless steel is a much less conductive metal. When using a titanium tool, the tool heats up much faster as it is being brought to a vaporizer. This causes concentrates to stick to the tool as well as rise up the tool. The concentrates need to travel towards the heat.

The slow heating metal allows concentrates to vape with little to no residue (depending on how much you use of course) leaving all the remaining concentrate to collect in the patent pending anti-drop Top Hat ready tip, ready for the next use. 

The Top Hat rim not only prevents the concentrate from rising when being vaped but also keeps the concentrate from sticking to surfaces. It is a slow heating, self-cleaning, anti-drip, long lasting tool that will never oxidize from typical use.