Stingray Mod

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Stingray Mod Black Mechanical Copper Clone for Electronic Cigarette


1. High quality stainless steel material
     2. Heating coil replaceable, wick and wire can be DIY
     3. Huge vapor,no burning smell,no leakage,rebuilable atomizer
     4. Compatible with 510/eGo/eGo-T/ eGo-W/ eGo-C
     5. The top cap features a 510 connector.
     6. The button on the bottom can be locked when you do not want to use it.
     7. Engraved pattern on the pipe, so the design seems delicate and vivid.


Specifications of Black Stingray Mod: battery 18350,18500,18650
     2.color:Copper black
     3.Box type mod
     4.Package:3 pieces in box kits with top quality


Stingray Mod Includes:
  1pc  Drip Tip
      3pc Body Clone 
      1pc  Gift Box