Sri Sai Incense 15 Gram

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15 individual packs of 10 incense sticks of premium masala incense per box


Mehta Brothers - Pankaj Mehta is a Supplier of premier quality incense sticks from India. All the Agarbatti brands Marketed by the group have become synonymous with class and perfection. This reputation is earned through decades of hard work and the Pankaj Mehta's dedication to business ethics.

We at Mehta Brothers are the forerunners in the wholesale suppliers of premier-quality incense sticks from India, since 2007. Driven by the aspirations of our consumers, All the Agarbatti (INCENSE) brands that we have launched resonate with sheer perfection and class. The global recognition that Mehta Brothers celebrates is an outcome of the unwavering commitment to hard work and adherence to our disciplinary conventions.

There is a deep history involved in the use of agarbatti for cultural rituals. Before beginning the venerable practices, as a means of creating right conditions and to purify the air, incenses are used. This is an excellent way of conditioning the individual to associate the smell within for being time to offer worship.

Our products creates a pleasant environment with a splendid aroma during diverse and multi functional activities including meditation, yoga, pujas, prayers and other occasions of worship. We focus on creating magnificent fragrances by assuring highest quality standards. We provide wide range of agarbatti products capturing the fascinating range of fragrances. In focus of saturating the the consciousness of humankind towards devotion, we produce mesmerizing breeze through our agarbatti products to carry a pleasant aroma from flowers and other natural ingredients.