Vapor Buddy

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Approximately 4" x 1" metal pipe vaporizer. This portable vaporizer is just one of the many vaporizing products across the market, but is surely is one of the most popular. Currently, Vapor Buddy is among the most solid and impressive units sold to vapor users. It is virtually unbreakable. To begin with, Vapor Buddy is loved by many users not just because of its functionality, but also because of its aesthetic appeal. Every Vapor Buddy is sure to catch attention and admiration of vaporizer users around the world. The product is manufactured using brushed aluminum that gives it a cool and outstanding look and feel. Many of its users are proud to display the products or use them in public venues. Vapor Buddy comes in multitudes of colors to choose from like blue, green, red, and black. Vapor Buddy is a portable vaporizing device but that does not pose an excuse for the product to use a substandard heating element. The vaporizer has a ceramic stone screwed off the top for transferring heat to the herb or blend, which should be inserted into the designated space. You may use a match or an ordinary lighter to light up the device and initiate the heating process. This is heat transfer procedure of vaporizing. The vaporizer is so easy to use. You could light it up the way you do when you use a conventional pipe. In many ways, Vapor Buddy also looks like and functions like an ordinary pipe. However, the technology used by Vapor Buddy sets it apart. The device is designed to prevent unnecessary combustion of blends.