Liquid Sci Trust E-Cigarette

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Liquid Sci Trust, is Triangle-shaped e-cigarette. It brings a revolution to the community of ultra-portable vape mods. Liquid Sci Trust is not only a easy to use vaping device with air switch, but also a hand-held toy that helps you to relieve stress. The retractable mouthpiece makes it easy to store and clean. Liquid Sci Trust has inside intelligent temp sensor and an on/off switch which minimizes accidental firing. People will like Liquid Sci Trust at the first sight, but they will love it after vaping! 

  • Triangular appearance, fashion and novel.
  • Easy to use, air switch.
  • Built-in 620 mAh battery, tiny body with big vape.
  • The retractable mouthpiece make it easy to store, also no burning & no liquid to mouth, hygiene and safety.
  • Light weight with great touch feeling, lots of fun playing with it in hand.
  • LED indicator shows the real time vaping status and battery status, convenient charging via micro USB port.
  • Multi-color options for you choose.

How does Liquid Sci Trust work?

The Liquid Sci Trust is a very simple to use E-cigarette/vape mods. Intelligent air (power) switch leads to inhale-to- vaping. It can be used by both new vape users and experienced vapers.

The actual cigarette body is made up of four parts: Atomizer, mouthpiece, battery and magnet cover. When first using the new product, please follow the steps as below;

  • Open the cover using the side grooves to separate the cover from the body
  • Remove the Atomizer
  • Fill juice into the atomizer cartridge and let the cartridge stand for 5-8 minutes
  • Inhale cartridge few times, make sure the cotton is fully wet by the juice
  • Restore cartridge, Slide the switch to the ‘on’ position
  • Close the magnet cover
  • Push mouthpiece out and start vaping.

How long before an Liquid Sci Trust cartridge runs out and how long before the cartridge needs to be replaced?

Liquid Sci Trust cartridge may last several days to weeks, depending on your smoking habit. Compared to the traditional cigarette of 15 inhales,Liquid Sci Trust needs to have 400-500 inhales to finish it completely. That means one Liquid Sci Trust cartridge is equivalent to about 6 packs of cigarette, theoretically. However, the Liquid Sci Trust cartridge can be refillable, so that it is much more economic than the traditional pack cigarette. After 5 refills of oil , we need to replace with a new Liquid Sci Trust cartridge.

Store Cartridges in a cool and dry places, shelf life is 24 months from purchase date.