Job Single Wide Papers Pre-Priced @ .99¢ Cigarette Papers

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Reliable Rice rolling papers by Job! *Pre-Priced @ ¢.99*

This original JOB 1.5 Gold cigarette paper, produced in the French Way, is backed by the pride and know-how over over 160 years of experience. Easy rolling, pure-gummed and smooth burning for your tobacco smoking pleasure, it is a product of high technology and the quality tradition of all French-made JOB cigarette papers. 

Enjoy these rare JOB Single Wide rolling papers.  Since 1838.

  • Pure Rice Paper and Natural Gum
  • 32 leaves per pack
  • Material: Rice Paper
  • Made in France
Booklets per Box 24
Leaves per Booklet 32
Size (in mm) 70 x 37
Rolling Machine used 70 mm