Electronic Rechargeable Flameless USB Lighter

Electronic Rechargeable Flameless USB Lighter

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Can you get a more perfect product? Imagine yourself outdoors, windy, nowhere to turn and all you want is a hassle free cigarette. Problem solved! With this Flameless USB Lighter you can light up your cigarette with no hassle! No Flames! No wind! Not to mention, it is the safest way you can light your cigarette! All you need to do is charge the Electronic Rechargeable Cigarette Flameless USB Lighter via any USB outlet, press the button & light it up!!

*Design may vary slighlty

Product Features

    Powered by a rechargeable battery. No Gas/Fuel Required. Can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need fill any fuel into it. Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.