3 in 1 Glass Blunt Pipe

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Feature of Pipe

 3 in 1 Pipe  Glass Blunt is a newly designed smoking pipe, it makes rolling obsolete. Marvel at the ease of using the 3 in 1 Pipe  Glass Blunt! Easily pack up to 1.5 grams of anything you want in the quartz tube and twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube. After that, all you need to do is light the end. To ash your contents, simply twist the screw clockwise and the ash will get pushed out the glass.

Specification of 3 in 1 Dry Vaporizer

Model 3 in 1 Pipe Glass Blunt e Cigs Dry Vaporizers
Type 3 in 1  glass blunt
Use for Dry herb vape
Feature Revolutionary Glass twisty blunt
Color Varies
Advantage On-the-go adventure seekers
Material Metal+glass
Capacity 1.5 grams
Length 10.2cm
Diameter 1.59cm
Package Gift box for e cigs vaporizers
OEM / ODM Welcome


– 1 metal tube
– 2 Quartz tubes
– 4 Rubber caps
– 1 Cleaning brush
– 1 Gift box