Top A Can Ashtray

  • $2.00

The only ashtray in the world that snaps on the top of an empty soda or beer can! Safe to use indoors, outdoors and in your car or truck. The can ashtray locks the odor in the metal can making it a convenient smokeless ashtray.

An ashtray that works!
▪️ Made in the USA
▪️ Premium quality plastic, reusable
▪️ Fits 6oz 8oz 12oz and 16oz cans

Where to use?
Car | Truck | Boat | RV | Camping | Bonfire | Outdoors | House Party | etc

No ashtray in your car?
Snap your preferred beverage can and place it in the cup holder.

The snap is loud, you know when it it secured to the brim of the empty can. It snaps on to every common can around 5.4cm.